Thursday, February 2, 2012

Swap Package: Reception!!!

Packages are so nice. I was as excited as a kid to open one up from New Zealand a little while ago and find...a gift from my friend, Marie. She sent me this little guy, along with photos of her creations. I am preparing a package for her in exchange, with knitted items and a couple of goodies. Thank you, Marie! Rainbow boy is already hanging in the spot Puck chose on a pale blue wall. Gorgeous! You can see her felted works of art on her blog: or at her etsy shop:
I set her post cards in my winter yard just for a second, so that she can compare seasons here and there. It is such a snowless, muddy sort of winter this year. I am sure the warm summer must be prettier down under. Or at least behaving the way the season is supposed to be behaving. 
That's OK. Now I have a beautiful felted fairy boy to gaze on and cheer up my days until spring and beyond.

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  1. I am very pleased that you like my items. Love and light Marie


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