Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FOOD on "Letters from a Small State" Blog

I have the honor of having a guest post on the exquisitely well-written blog: "Letters from a Small State":

It's all about food and love in our home.

Elizabeth Howard is a blogger friend and a wonderfully talented writer. 

To Elizabeth:
I have learned so much from the creating of this post. I have read with attention other guest posts to your blog and learned from your writing and theirs. I was a bit anxious about having something of mine up next to these.

When I read it this morning, I felt heartened. You did a fabulous job editing and formatting my three paragraphs into a visually interesting read that kept flowing.  I see your talent in much more than simply writing. You are an artist! Thank you!

And thanks for having me over to your blog house!



  1. Well, don't undersell yourself darling! It was a great post to start with! Thanks for your contribution. You have a lovely blog here and you are WELL-LOVED for a good reason.



  2. Thank you, Elizabeth,
    I did go back and make my comment a little more positive. I have still been humbled by the's good to be on the down side of the learning curve sometimes!


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