Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday's Child..and Mother

Hate daylight savings time. Think positive thoughts. Too early for so late in the day. Kids more awake than I am.
It's raining too. Thunderstorms on the horizon. Spending the day at the library great option. No mud to threaten my freshly-shampooed carpet.
My hopes for hours by the creek today washed out. Even the three steps to the trampoline are a muddy mess.
At least thinking in complete sentences now, sort of. Gotta lay off the Hemingway for awhile.


  1. I have never heard if anyone loving daylight savings time! Feeling with you :).

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing your home school experiences.

    Im a spanish mum of 2 child living in Barcelona. We are moving to Toulouse for 3 month and I´ld like to find a group of homeschooling there. Could you give me some tips?

    merci beaucoup

  3. Thank you, Eva! I wonder if it's any easier depending on your time zone? In any case, the library was fabulous, met up with one of my favorite friends and talked for an hour...while coloring rainbows and leprechauns with the littles. Then the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.

  4. !Mucho gusto, Senora!

    Barcelona es una ciudad fantastica. And yes, I do have a friend who homeschools in Toulouse, well, a blog friend, at least. None of my other friends are quite so insane as to give up the free daycare and educational benefits of a French school system. Her name is Ange, she is from New Zealand, here is her blog address:


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