Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Best Dog

Tuxy, the great big yorkie poo of ours, turned one on Monday. He came stretching and rolling out of his kennel like any other day, and until the kids came down, he thought it was just any other day. I'd frankly forgotten what day it was, but the munchkins had not. They congratulated him and gave him lots of extra love (and most likely treats he shouldn't have when I was not looking). 

I had to work, but I promised Arthur and Alienor, who were most anxious about it, that I would bring him home a gift later in the day. I did keep my promise, and brought him home a long, stuffed thing that looked like no animal I'd ever seen, but had a black and white striped tail and was named "Stinky".
We know that, because it is written across his green body suit in great black letters. Apt name for a toy for this tiny dog with a big dog smell. 

I don't know if it was in the presentation of the gift or in his knowledge that this was a special day for him, but Tuxy is crazy about his new toy. When I came home, I called to him and wished him many happy returns and told him I had something special for him. He was very excited (he usually is, which is pretty normal for his age.) I said; "this is for you. This is Stinky." He grabbed it and ran. The kids and I laughed and played with him as he brought it back to us again and again.

When Pierre came home, the dog ran to get his new toy and show it to him, very proud of it, like he'd made it himself. He's been playing with it ever since, but not in the way he usually rips apart something chewable or stuffed. It's in perfect condition and he's treating it like a playmate rather than an opportunity for destruction. He is so happy when you pick it up for him or tell him to "drop Stinky" and he holds onto it just so. Funny dog, he's one smart puppy.

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