Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sounds from my Daughters' Room

"...there may be a stranger, across a crowded room. And somehow you'll know, you'll know even only sunshine, you make me ha-PPY, when skies are banner yet wa-ave, o'er the land of the free-EEEE, and the home of, do, do, DOO. Da do, do, (Andy Griffith theme song, in case you hadn't recognized it).DOO Da do, do. Do-da-do. raaak. purty birdy. Wolf only sunshine."

Alienor's pet cockatiel is definitely a boy bird. After four years of living with a quiet, girl bird, he is a big change in the house. He doesn't sing the above words, but man, can he whistle, and sometimes he actually makes it all the way through a song. Mostly, he specialized in medleys. He can now say "pretty birdy," (though why the girls thought it necessary to teach him that is beyond me.) I love to whistle new songs to him and hear them incorporated somehow the next day.

The best part is, after years of knowing I cannot carry a tune to save my first-born's life, I am much gratified at hearing all of his whistling is perfectly on key. He is awfully pretty, too.

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  1. 'South Pacific' one of my favorite musicals. I'm glad you're enjoying the album.


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