Thursday, September 13, 2012

Argument for Children

There are some swell things about having children. When they're little, clearly, it is all about how tiny and  adorable they are. Tiny toes, small noses, soft heads, fat cheeks, big eyes. Their attributes are immediately obvious.

As they get older, things can become a little murkier. But one clear advantage emerged this morning when I reached for the shampoo bottle and found it empty: product. Product has been the buzz-word in hair care for the past decade or so. One no longer talks about "gel" or "mousse", but "product". It usually means gunk that goes in your hair to help it behave (this is called gummy bears in public for small children). My two older children have become as enamored of hair products as I was of body sprays in the 80's. They will spend an hour in the hair aisle of the drug store pondering the vast array of choices. Me? I buy the family-size bottle of whichever shampoo is on sale and order my one bottle of hair stuff for curly hair online.

So, head dripping wet and desperate, I reached for the closest bottle on the edge of the tub and found in my palm a manly-smelling, liquid gold. Amazing- who knew gold could wash hair? The next bottle I snagged was not conditioner, alas, but a sort of "milk for frizzy hair." Should do the trick, I thought, and made sure to de-tangle vigorously.

Thanks to my kids, I have soft hair that will attract cute girls by its masculine perfume today. Um, at least it is clean; thanks guys!

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