Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spanish Class

In our little Spanish class, we are on to our second poem of the year. The first was the traditional; "Estando la Mora en su Lugar," set to music and learned so quickly that I was taken off guard. We tried a couple of others until we found one that best fit our first-year Spanish needs. This is it, and this is how we've gone about learning it:

Una Poesia de Parches

It is a poem of patchwork colors, knit with love. So, as far as vocabulary is concerned, we cover the colors and another important term; "knitting." Perfect. Also; sky, sun, night, day, happiness, sadness.

First; we made our own patchwork on paper:

Next, came the construction unit. We are going to present it as a play, and there was a request for masks, which led to papier maché and spray painting and 3-D paints.

They are a work in progress, but here are, so far, sadness (gris), night (negro) and happiness (rojo):

The books we are reading aloud now during lessons are:

And a fun kit we use for the games and vocabulary review:

For reference and for reading together, a picture dictionary:

!Que tenga un buen dia!

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