Friday, November 6, 2015

Detox for Fall and the Fallen

I present this post in all humility, for the sole reason of reaching out to anyone it may help. This is my long, twisted path to health through nutrition, mindfulness and movement. I am the anti-diva in this domain, the sugar-addict, the one who will always choose pleasure over discipline. The believer in the "Life is Too Short" mantra. But...sometimes it takes a wake-up call followed by a little inspiration. Years of painful, disfiguring eczema and debilitating doses of prednisone have led me here; ready, finally, for a viable (in every sense of the word) solution.

We think "Detox" and spring comes to mind, or New Year's, periods to renew intentions and rejuvenate. Logical, and if we always behaved in a sane, logical manner we would probably have no use for a cleanse from time to time...or have much fun. 

As for me; I woke up last Saturday morning, October 31, after delving into the pre-Halloween stash with everyone else the night before, candy, chips, dip, more chocolate, along with a nice, gluten-free beer friends had kindly brought over; knowing that I had over-indulged. I decided right then and there that I needed to do something to set my life and body straight again. My eczema was flaring and I felt like crud. I had a couple of tall glasses of hot H2O with lemon and honey until lunch time. Lunch was healthy too, but then the candy re-emerged for the Trick-or-Treaters at our door and I was doomed all over again. Was Sunday any different? Yes, a little worse, a few more mini candy bars, since, after all, Monday would be a new beginning, fresh and virginal as the morn itself.

Monday morning's exercise class was pretty awful. Every joint was acting up; even one wrist, and I have never had a single pain or even twinge from a WRIST. Knees, elbows, ankles and shoulders, yes, but a wrist...nunca. Did I connect this to my diet the previous three days? Of course. I know from experience that an exercise session can feel radically different according to what I've had to eat and drink the day before. This day spelled G-U-I-L-T-Y like no other ever had. Did I quit eating candy? Of course I did...not. Slowed down, but had a few frozen Snickers and a couple of those little packets of M and Ms. My lips started to swell on one side; quick; 2 allergy pills, 2 ibuprofen, 3 L-Lysine and a couple of fish oil capsules; contained, for now!

On Monday, I also read through a very sweet blog; Shower of Roses, and clicked on her link to "Autoimmune Protocol." What a great reminder! As I said, I know this, I am aware of it all, and yet I suffer from a happy, hedonistic disregard for good advice and ideas that I accept as truth. Though I do not think it necessary or any fun to take it to the same severe level as quickly as this author needed and was able to do, I know what my own triggers are. By following my favorite author and naturopathic doctor's plan, I intend to reduce inflammation, regain my health, well-being, a healthier weight, and if, by chance, I should inspire you to do the same, this post will have had some meaning beyond a self-centered documentation of yet another cleanse...but this one not gone wrong, so far, on day four

Here is the book. The really nice thing about her approach is that Dr.Black does not expect perfection on day one. It is a 12-week plan, beginning with eliminating one thing and adding one idea or item in the first two weeks. I was able, because of previous experience, to eliminate sugar, dairy and gluten right away, I know these to be problems and do not often indulge; except for sugar, which is a hard one to resist for me. In her anti-inflammatory protocol, you are asked to add, for example; 3 minutes of meditation later in the plan, or fermented foods earlier on. It is not so hard to add in more vegetables, cold-water fish once a week and to skip the butter. Harder is not having a bite of the scrumptious chocolate cake you baked for your daughter's birthday, even though you know what gluten does to you, or resisting the call of the 60 % cocoa chocolate chips which have really excellent enunciation when they are calling your name, closed cupboard door and all.

Step one; find a plan that will work, long-term for you. Here is my favorite:


  1. Thanks for the book recommendation. Are you familiar with the blood type diet?

  2. Hello Eva! Yes, I read it a few years ago. I really loved it, since I am not a fan of beans and my blood type should not eat them as a protein source-yippee! However, the holistic doctors and midwives I have consulted have all been adamant about the need for more fiber (in the form of beans), in your diet. I will look at it again for guidance. Did it help you?

    1. I think it is somewhat narrow-minded to claim that only beans contain fiber. There is plenty of fiber in many other foods. By the way, there is a book called "Fiber Menace," which is an excellent read. It debunks many of the fiber myths.

      We have several food allergies and all those foods are on the "avoid" list of the blood type diet. I have found the book very helpful, but I also like the Ayurvedic approach to food.


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