Friday, November 27, 2015

Craftsman Afghan (Knit-Too-Loose) Repair

This is called my "Fix to a Loosey-Goosey Blanket". I am tying it on to a piece of fleece with yarn and needle. I've spread it out neatly on the floor and with a little patience and application, I am stitch-tying (many) key parts of it to the bottom fleece blanket. I made this Knitpicks Craftsman Afghan a few years ago for Cate, but the needles I used made a looser-than-desired fabric. The result was less than satisfactory and I knew, with age, that it would not improve. My fix, and my early-20th-century chick-lit reading, as posted on Small Things Yarn Along.

Yarn: sport-weight or worsted split in half. Needle: one big embroidery needle. Difficulty: 0

And, done!


  1. I can't wait to see the results!

  2. When looking at the blanket I was wondering if you know the blog Handwork Homeschool from France? It is written by an American homeschooling lady who lives in France. I thought you might be interested. Are you enjoying the book?

  3. It is finished...and she loves it. Thank goodness; I had no more pants with knees to wear out. It was fun to make it nice again.

  4. Hi Eva, no, I am not familiar with that blog; but it may be my new favorite! I love reading Colette; her writing was my first love in French literature, and after years away from it, it is an indulgence and a challenge all at once. The language and imagery is so rich and beautiful, and her "Claudine" is a woman after my own heart; all nature, love, animals and books. Fabulous.


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