Thursday, December 10, 2015

Plodding Away

Plodding a big old farm horse, not real sexy or going anywhere fast, but some progress is still progress. That is what the past week of homeschooling has felt like, and what it may be like for the next couple of weeks of December. This is my favorite time of the year. At home. When I don't have to run all over the city and everywhere else. When it is snowing and everyone is in bed by 8. New reality; the kids are older, I have a job and they are in a whole bunch of stuff that they need to get to.
Oh, and the family is invited (subpoenaed) to the boy scout potlucks, the choir concerts, the Christmas pageants. And it's not snowing.

So, give up and whine? Nah. We are incorporating meditation into school day and determined to enjoy the activities we are blessed to be a part of. Today, I had a few hours at home; we had a lovely geometry lesson, 5th grade,

some writing on Sense and Sensibility with my 8th grader and reading,writing and math with the 8-year-old. Everyone did Latin, and it was lovely; they did so well with the oral comprehension parts! This is one example of an area in which I can clearly see their progress. We do not do Latin every day, but they are improving and learning, nonetheless. I allowed the geometry student to work out his own the way to add a second pentagram to his drawing, and his pride in both the Latin and math accomplishments was a delight to see. My reluctant reader had a smile on his face halfway through his book...he was reading! The lit student complained of her hard writing assignments to her classmates at school, and they now think she must be a genius. Hers is another sort of pride, but based more on others' perception of her. I hope she also grows into her own confidence in her abilities.

The rest of the day? Off to viola lessons, then a dash to the hospital to interpret for the nurses in the maternity ward, a haircut for one, and a choral concert for my junior high student. Beautiful!

Please don't make me do it all again tomorrow, though.

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