Friday, January 29, 2016

A Journey Through Time in Rhythm and Rhyme

This is it, the one poetry volume you need from pre-school to high school and beyond. It contains a beautiful selection of classical poetry as well as poems and verses you may never have heard before. There are ballads that last for pages on end for older children to learn, finger-plays, blessings for meals and teachers and everything in-between; a Wordsworth, easy to memorize and digest, poems about trees, about parts of speech and numbers.

Because, did I mention? It is written for use with a Waldorf curriculum through all the grades.
It does not specifically say so, but what other collection of poetry starts with morning verses and works its way through farming and building, gems and minerals, meandering through history, imagination and ends with "prayers, praise and contemplation?" As well as including verses by Rudolf Steiner for morning, seasons, teachers and more?

The cover is lovely, a slightly haughty pied piper dressed as a court jester leading an array of prettily-clad children around the back of the book. (The piper's stockings look hand-knit, so, naturally, I find them irresistible.) If that is not enough to entice you, there is also a verse from Roy Wilkinson that I particularly love; "Hymn to Prometheus," and Hymns to Osiris and Ra from "The Book of the Dead." The thing I find so fascinating about ancient prayers is their absolute similarity to the ones we use today, the language, the sentiment, the form.

I do not receive any commissions from anyone for book sales, but here is a link to amazon for it for convenience sake. You will use it for years!

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