Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!!!

I wish you a joyful, peace-filled, healthy, prosperous new year, from my family to you and yours. May the light of a hundred suns shine gently upon you, filling your days and mind with happiness, fresh ideas and love. 

I write to you with a brand new pair of eyes today; or rather, the left one is new, the right one is adjusting to the cataract operation that altered the left. I have been away from the screen, from reading, from exercise, for what seems like a string of eternities, but has really only been since Tuesday last. 

In the interim of the holidays and surgery, there has been so much going on.
Christmas was pretty lovely, New Year's Eve was fun in a quiet way with faithful friends and a few teenagers added to the mix. My existence the past five days has consisted of darkened rooms, audio books, knitting big stitches and time with the kids playing games or sitting by the fire. (It is hard to go out when; a) the light is painful and b) one is not allowed to wear mascara.) We did begin reading (slowly) one of my favorite books (and series) ever; A Wrinkle in Time, Madeleine L'Engle. It will be our read aloud for at least the first three books and maybe into the next part; when Meg grows up and her daughter, Polly takes up the narrative in The Arm of the Starfish. I love that one too! It is followed by Dragons in the Water and A House Like a Lotus. A quick check on Goodreads reviews confirms my own opinion on Madeleine L'Engle; her books are a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. Ever since I imagined having children, I wanted to be like Mrs.Murray; warm-hearted, thoughtful, strong, smart. As a way to introduce many facets of science; from space travel to biology to mathematics, the books are masterpieces of story-telling, drawing you in and turning you into an avid page-turner and someone who wants to become a scientist too when you grow up. Morally, you have to think about right and wrong, you can so easily identify with the characters and the soul-wrenching choices they must make, one that demand every ounce of physical and mental stamina they can muster, and then some. 

Yikes, I can no longer see the screen properly to correct my typos, so I hope you will forgive them should you find more than normal; send me a comment and I will fix them. Here are a few photos of Christmas. The bûche de Noël* was made by Valentine, entirely, for a class project for French. Bonne Année!!!

 Christmas Eve service:
 Did I forget to mention that a couple more furry critters joined the family? Gaël and his gerbils:
*Additional notes on the Yule Log (bûche de Noël): according to Valentine, it took six hours of labor, the mushrooms are made by hand, out of meringue and the "branches" are lavender from the front yard. From me: I make one every year, and it never turned out as nicely as hers. Source: Julia Child's Kitchen.

Book recommendation: 

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