Thursday, July 7, 2016

Camping 2016

Campsites are one of the things that America really does well. Our standard picnic table and firepit per site get my full endorsement. The midwest may seem short on spectacular scenery and architecture from the middle ages, but our camping grounds are the best. A few shots, between and during clouds:

 Taking turns cooking meals
 Exploring the banks of the creek across the way

 Pointing out and picking edibles
 The baby bird project

 The coffee challenge...who forgot mugs?
 Tree trolls, and if you look sideways; a baby cradled sideways
A solution for a soggy afternoon; the local library and its plentiful game shelf


  1. Looks like fun! Did all children go along? What did you do with the bird?

  2. Hello Eva! Nice to hear from you! This time, we gave up trying to find days when all of the kids could make it. We were able to spend the weekend with my whole family in Wisconsin, and that will have to do for this summer. It was the 3 youngest and us. The bird was left in place. We went to see the ranger to ask his advice, and he told us it was best to let nature deal with its own. After watching over it for two days, they awoke to find it gone one morning. We hoped it had gained some strength and found a good hiding place.

    1. It is harder and harder to do things together, that is so true! This summer, Charlotte will do her own workshop, but we will still be able to all travel to Indiana to see relatives. Who knows, maybe for the last time? Good you left the bird alone. I do hope it made it, though.

      P.S. Duncan looks so much like your husband :).


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