Thursday, July 21, 2016

When You Choose Learning

Or...where there is a will, there is a way. This is a good friend and client who is so inspiring to me, that I asked her if I could publish a couple of photos from our last training session.

Why are we conducting our session on the sidewalk in front of the house?
That is where we are, for real, after several aborted attempts at other venues that same day. She is an aspiring interpreter and I am helping her train, in English and in medical ethics for interpreters. She is a hard-working, studious, ambitious young woman. She has taken a bus for 2 hours to meet me to work on her English. She has found a way to work full-time and go to school and succeed at it, in a country that is not her own. The challenges have been many, and include a cute little baby who has become a very active toddler.

This is the adorable little pumpkin who, 5 minutes prior to this photo, was running amok in the library and giving fabulous renditions of his own screamo act all over the place.
Prior to that, he spent five whole minutes at the children's museum with my daughter, the babysitter, but, missing his mama, screamed so loudly that she panicked and brought him across the way to us in the library. When I sent her out to the children's section to find some fun books and toys, he reacted the same way. He had a lot of fun, once we exited the conference room and all hope of accomplishing anything in there. I remember those days.

When we arrived back at the house, thinking to distract him with the trampoline or playdough or the sandbox or ANYTHING, I peeped in the window to find him fast asleep. "Don't touch him!" I instantly declared. I grabbed chairs and we sat right down to work. We got in a good hour's worth of labor and he got a nap that left him happy and ready to start all over again. Determination.

Here is mom, proving that she was really the student and the baby owner involved:

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