Friday, December 6, 2019

Request: "More Photos"

This is for Irena, Godmother to Duncan, who would like less yacking and more photos. Note for Irena; I just figured out yesterday how to get photos from computer to blog again. Here are the kids!

                          A stained-glass window student creation: by Gael and three others.

                                         Snow-boarding on the great slopes of Iowa
        Visiting the U of Chicago with Valentine; The Robie House across the street from campus
(*Note: I am working on the photo quality problem. I will meet with my tech guy as soon as he has a free minute. The pictures look good on the photo ap, and dreadful here...any ideas?)
                                                  Lunch with the sisters in Chicago

                              Homecoming, Davenport Central, senior year (Valentine in white on left)
                     Performance of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" Valentine as Gracie.
Boys helping and kayaking for Floatzilla; a world-record-setting annual attempt on the Mississippi River; greatest number of kayaks joined in one spot at one time.

                                       On Cate's windy rooftop garden in Chicago
It has become more and more of a challenge to get smiling faces in photos; next time I'll dangle a pack of beef jerkey in front of the camera...
Fall garland; my autumn knitting project completed in time for...Thanksgiving. I was grateful, and it must come down to make way for Christmas. Today is St. Nicholas and the stockings are hung and waiting.

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