Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Traveling the Great Southwest

Not this one, this one is home, a couple of weeks ago. 

                                Palm Springs, California, visiting a friend here from France.
Breakfast as served by the pool in Palm Springs on a sunny morning. Believe it or not, every single other hotel guest chose to take their meal inside, by the big screen t.v.

Rome, not in Italy, in Las Vegas. I was obliged to go to Nevada for work...and to wait for my Sunday plane. I was at a loss as to what to do in Vegas for three days; I do not gamble, smoke weed nor drink, and strippers are not my thing. So I visited and...hiked the desert; incredible!

                                        Ladies and Gentlemen...The Valley of Fire
I know, I know, I was with a somewhat younger, snap-chat crazed, group of hikers who thought it was important to pose...and I am not going to include the kissing of the cactus photo. 

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