Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Morning in January

It's 1:30 pm. The three boys are racing around like small maniacs on miniature cars throughout the downstairs. One car came crashing down the basement steps after me as I went to take care of the laundry, sheesh, I really should be getting hazard pay.

We worked on math in fun ways this morning. There were some really beautiful drawings made. Alienor's gnome king castle was besieged while she was drawing the watch gnome calling out the hours was on the tower. It ended up being a scene of the bad gnomes storming the castle of the good gnomes; archers shooting, crocodiles in the moat, dead flowers that had been trampled. I think she is working some things out through her drawing...but I'm better off if I don't try to think what. Arthur drew a beautiful bunny from the Velveteen Rabbit, surrounded by trees and flowers, all in a sunny sky. Then he drew another, holding a machine gun and looking for trouble.

We had a walk in the new world of freshly fallen snow on all of the tree boughs and on the paths around the creek, finished up math and the history lessons the older two are working on, then made lunch. Our meals are a funny mix of "normal" and "special" these days. The kids had leftover black bean salad, quesadillas, salad and shrimp. Of those, only the shrimp and salad fit into my dietary restrictions, but who's complaining when shrimp is on the menu? [I am on an elimination diet, so it looks like water, lamb, vegetables, pears, nuts and shrimp is it for me for now. They are good, nutritious choices, and I am trying really hard not to think about pizza, wine and chocolate cake.]

Nap time, wouldn't it be nice if I had a chance to knit and finish "Shakespeare in Love" while they were having quiet time today?
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  1. Oh I forgot how good Shakespeare in Love is! I shouldn't be surprised YOU are watching a period film :D Making a new costume for the Ren Faire, perchance?!? Happy knitting, momma!


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