Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out of town!

One of my favorite things to do is to stay home, really. I could knit, read and play with the kids all day long for months on end. My other absolute favorite thing to do is to travel. I am excited to announce that we have planned a really big trip, coming up in the spring.

We are going to France for three months; exactly ninety days. We will be in the same town as our French family, but traveling to see friends around the country here and there. It has been four years since I last saw France and I did not realize how much I have missed being there.

Last time someone very kindly loaned us a car we could all fit into. I crashed it. This time the same person is loaning us our very own apartment. I promise not to crash or trash it. We will also get around on bicycles or by train, much safer. People have been so very generous that I am pretty sure we will arrive to a perfectly clean, fully furnished, down to a tv and nice dishes, home for three months.

We will be in a tiny town with a real main street. There are merchants of every sort lining the streets; bakeries, butchers, green grocers, a daily market under the halls, not to mention bookstores, a yarn shop, perfumeries, creameries, banks, a post office. There is even a library and a couple of indoor pools that do not require membership to use.

The main object of our visit is to spend time with the family. The second "agenda" is for the children to bask in their French culture and recover their fluency in the language. The third; get some writing done while the kiddies play with grama and grandpa. We have visions of the two of us with our laptops sitting outdoors at a cafe, working away in the sunshine, watching the people go by, or home in our little apartment without children for five minutes...ah, la belle France!


  1. Oh this is so exciting. Good for you!!! :)

  2. Totally jealous!
    Have fun! And write about your experiences there. I'd love to make this happen for our family someday -- even for just a month -- and so it would be great to read how you make it happen in real life.


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