Friday, January 22, 2010

When Bad Things Happen: Haiti

The talk at our table lately has been focused on the terrible earthquake in Haiti one week ago. Tonight Pierre and I had more stories to tell; Pierre heard of a two-week-old baby found alive today, hurrah! and I heard from someone who was in Haiti as a missionary and how barely tolerable life was there for 95% of the population. This was before mass destruction hit.

It is hard to communicate to children what we can scarcely understand ourselves: living conditions of such extreme poverty that no hardship they have known has been even a faint echo of life there. Add to that a natural disaster that has utterly destroyed all that they called home and left so many dead and the survivors starving, injured and alone. For the youngest, I would not want to describe this reality too graphically, for the older ones, words fail me.

Lily, thirteen, was stricken. She wants to help. Her first question was: "how old do I have to be to go and help?" When told that was not possible now for anyone but military personnel, her next instinct would have been to empty her bank account and send all she has to help.

I just heard of a way that a young, talented knitter and seamstress might be able to make a difference, Crafthope; from their website: "All proceeds of the Craft Hope Etsy shop will benefit Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. All items have been generously donated by the crafting community. If you'd like to donate an item please visit the Craft Hope website (" I found out about the site from another blog;, a beautiful blog on Waldorf homeschooling.

I think we have a project for Friday morning, won't you join us?

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  1. Oh Lily...your desires to send all your money touched my heart. I know I will think of your generosity and warm heart many times today. ♥


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