Friday, September 3, 2010

Don't Touch the Weeds

Unless you have a degree in botany. Which I don't. Obviously. Otherwise those ugly weeds clogging up my flower bed would not have turned me into a snotty, sneezing, eye-burning wreck. Twice.

Since I didn't notice the problem two days ago, with the first attack, I went back out last night to pick up what I'd thrown on the ground in a fit to get back in the house, out of the pollen. What I didn't know was that it was not the pollen count. At least not the pollen in the air, it was the pollen in my hands.

Woe to she who gathers branches of ragweed unbeknownst. Woe and snot dripping down to her knees, a miserable night, itchy throat and a dry mouth.


  1. Oh no! You poor woman. Ragweed is rampant this year with all that rain we've had. We've been stepping down Missy's ragweed shots each week and even then she reacts worse each week. Seems you have a full blown allergy attack there. Have one of the kids do the weeding and when they are done have them change their clothing immediately and wash it in hot water. Also, make sure you wash your hands after you handle those clothes. If your allergies keep bothering you get a big bottle of Sam's Handsanitizing Gel put it on a damp clean sponge and wipe all surfaces, it helps to. Good luck!

    BTW, I met the supervising teacher yesterday. Thanks, we love her.

  2. ice cream helps, at least while you are eating it, it soothes the itchy throat, ok poor excuse for ice cream. if it makes you feel better, we are itchy and miserable here too

  3. Thanks, friends,

    I am sorry to hear that I am not alone! But I love the great ideas and support.

    Stayed in all day yesterday and I'm feeling better. Such a shame in this fabulous weather, but date night was nice anyway; Chinese take-out, diet Pepsi and a fun movie.

    Happy Weekend!



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