Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Socks!

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  1. Oh, they are so fun! I used to knit all the time but then I got carpal tunnel and haven't since. Even though I am not usually symptomatic anymore. Maybe I should try again? Just scared of the pain and the disabling aspect of it. I loved knitting socks and sweaters etc. The colors are very pretty! thanks for sharing.

  2. What sweet socks, sweet feet & sweet little red boo-boo! :) I'm a hat & top down sweater knitter but socks scare me! These are terrific! Have a great weekend! Tam

  3. Socks are the best, everyone should knit socks...why?

    1) You can splurge on really cool yarn and you only need a little bit of it. (Prices start at $3.50 a skein.)

    2) They have GREAT tiny circulars nowadays that make it a breeze to knit socks, mittens, legwarmers, etc.

    3) Socks are completely transportable, small knitting that lasts for thousands of stitches, you can take it anywhere and know you'll have an ongoing project.

    4) Everyone wears socks, even if they don't like the colors or whatever, they will wear them and they'll be partially hidden under shoes and the other part under pants, makes for an easy-to-please project.

    5) Choice of patterns; I think there are more books being published about knitting socks than anything else these days and more cool, self-striping and self-patterning yarns than ever before in the history of wool.


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