Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let's Go Out, Even if it Comes Back to Bite me in the Be-hind

A three day weekend with absolutely gorgeous weather, spent indoors. Huh?

It's called highest ragweed pollen count of the year and so sick of sneezing. What do you do with all those children on such days? They got outside, thank goodness. They went to the library, had friends over, made messes in the bathroom sink, on the patio, in the kitchen sink. I cleaned the bathroom sink before guests arrived for dinner, then found it all blue, really blue, and wet and dripping on the clean floor, then lost it for a short moment.

We're done. I am still sneezing, but we're going back out today anyway. Look at that intense concentration and vivid interest. Think of the hour or two I can sit and knit while they look for fossils along the river...woo-hoo!

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  1. LOL, we are holed up. Missy is on prednisone for her asthma. While to some this sounds terrible for us its a victory that this is her first course of prednisone this year. Hope you feel better soon. Ragweed is the pits and with where you guys live you have ample supply.


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