Sunday, November 7, 2010

Astronomy Class

We love to hang out on the roof. Not the big ol' steep roof of the house, the smaller, gentler one over the garage. You can step out the window of one of the bedrooms and see the whole sky. It's perfectly safe because there is a flat roof adjoining it (for anyone inclined to worry...grandpa).

Once in awhile we go out on the roof, when there is a full moon or a night of shooting stars. We are in the midst of an astronomy block at our house, so it was a must. This time it was to see October's full moon, what a beautiful night for stargazing!

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  1. Oh that sounds like a great place to hang out and watch the stars! Are you in a good position to see the Leonid Asteroid Shower coming up? (I think it's going to be around the 17th this year.)We used to watch it when we lived in Guatemala... (street lights dim things a lot where we live now!)


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