Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Writer's Block or Procrastination?

Writer's Block or Procrastination?

It's something to think about when assigning writing assignments to the children, only to find them walking around with a pensive air, "doing research" on the topic before beginning or mysteriously strumming a guitar in the corner, all thoughts of the project forgotten. Perhaps it is neither, perhaps this is simply part of the creative process, to be cherished and honored. This is November and for the first time I have given myself the goal, along with millions of other insane people doing "NaNoWriMo", of jotting down 50, 000 words of a novel in one month.

So far, this morning, I have entered an essay contest to win tickets to a Harry Potter event, ( way too cool to pass up), checked my email (who doesn't), posted a reply to a Waldorf homeschooling group, (it was a very moving post), sent a quick note to a friend, (a timely thing that couldn't wait) checked the weather forecast, in two different cities,(you never know), written in my food journal, (or I would have forgotten to add that fabulous homemade, gluten-free pizza my hubby made for me last night, mmm, not likely) made myself tea, (sleep is so dehydrating) played with the dog, (poor, fuzzy little guy) and written 0 words of the daily 2000. Maybe I should employ Lily's typewriter instead of this distracting computer. Sure, then I would finish a knitting project or paint the bathroom before settling down to write.

Have a fruitful day, I'm going to go write 2000 more words!


  1. LOL! Sounds a little like writer's block AND procrastination. ;)

  2. OK, you're right! Made it to 1400 words today, better than none, but not quite there yet.

    Have a good one!


  3. Dear Angela,

    I have never experienced writers block, but it sounds painful.
    No, instead of writers block, I have had what a book calls "dierrea of the pen." Have you ever read Gilda Joyce. You would love it. If you have a daughter, about 12 or 13, she should to.


  4. I hear you. My daughter can spend an inordinate amount of time 'thinking'.

  5. Dear Esperana,

    Thank you for your comment, we LOVE Gilda Joyce at our house (the two oldest and I). Lily has requested the books for her birthday. We have read Jennifer Allison's words on her writing too, she is very funny, and very talented. I can have the same problem, but I don't always stick to the subject at hand!

  6. Hi Marlis,

    Isn't it great that these homeschooled kids have so much free time to "think" and play?


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