Friday, November 12, 2010

The Last Light Burning

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  1. Hi, Your lanterns are lovely. I live in New England with the flowers, vegetables and herbs and sometimes think about what life would be like to live in France now, as a parent with children, as I lived thee as a young person.

    Martinmas blessings to you and yours!

    I'm going to link your lanterns post on Waldorf Homeschool Network FaceBook page.


  2. Thank you, Lisa, for your compliment of posting the photos on Facebook. I am so honored!

    Do you still speak French? I need to look closer at your blogs and see what I can discover. The first photo is stunning! I am going to check out "Women Witches and Nurses, a History of Women Healers." I am very interested in the healing profession as practiced by midwives and natural healers.

    Thank you for dropping in, I look forward to exploring your blogs as well!


  3. Hi Angela,

    Yes, I do speak french, only it is rare these days. I am doing french with my second grader and trying to get the hang of home to bring it to him. Songs he loves. I love the tin can lanterns and they are hard to make, takes lots of will forces to see them through to lovliness no? The food sounds scrumtious on your lantern walk eve. I can recommend lots of resources on women in history and healing and after all we still have a good deal of power, it's all in how we frame it, hmn? Come join the waldorf homeschool netowrk blog. If you don't want to post there, you can link to your blog there, if you like.


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