Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alienor's Tepee

I did not post the photos from the final results of Alienor's Native American project. It was a lovely group effort. It began when I was in line at a craft store carrying the extra bamboo poles we needed to complete the tepee. A girl looked at me curiously and slowly asked; "How much are they asking for bamboo poles?" When she heard that it was for a homeschool project, she offered a pile of them she happened to have in her basement and did not need any more. I followed her home, we loaded up the car and I left. THANK YOU, Chris, for the tepee supplies. It was such a kind gesture and I am grateful.

Alienor, alone for a day, then aided by Lily, spent hours painting the fabric. The next day she and Aragorn spent the day in the garage building the actual tepee. I had plans I wanted to follow, based on the ones I found here, at the blog of Ancient Hearth:
but the kids took over the project. Since that is the whole beauty of having siblings and a perfect learning opportunity, I gave up coaching them to do it "my way" and let them go. They did a great job, love their tepee and the whole thing was a huge success.

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