Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blogs Awarded the Stylish Blog Award

I would like to say a short word about the blogs I elected for this award last week. Each of them has spoken to me in some special way over the months or years I have been reading it.

Invitation to the Butterfly Ball; this is the story of a second-generation homeschooling family. Interesting to those of us who wonder; how will this all turn out? Well, if Rachel's family is any indication, it looks like full of love, great ideas and beautiful, talented children with caring parents may be how it turns out, wonderful!

The Itchy Homeschooler is the blog of a witty, feisty homeschooling mother of two. Marlis is full of ideas for learning and growing, and not afraid to ask the BIG QUESTIONS about parenting, children in today's world, education; methods and reasons, and open up discussions on her blog. 

Three Little Pixies is a blog by a loving, experienced mother of four. One of Tammy's children has gone on to graduate from homeschooling, two more are constantly busy with projects, adventures and recipes that are shared in photos and words on this gorgeous blog. When I need an idea for a Waldorf study unit, this is where I head for the older children.

Ancient Hearth is by Jen, mother of twins, who has posted photos and tutorials and links to so many ideas and projects and books you may stay lost in her blog for days. It is a sure bet for Waldorf parents of younger children, the twins are in second grade, but I have used many of her ideas with my older children, including the tepee we made for third grade Native American block.

Soft Earth Art is a marvelous place to repose, resource and  bask in beautiful needle-felted art and poetry. Marie celebrates the natural and maternal world through photography and her needle-felting. Her work is just lovely, a must-see.

Untrodden Paths is a bilingual blog in German and English. This mother of five, Eva, is an inspiration in her gentle, creative lessons and uncompromising academics. I greatly enjoy walking down these paths each time I check out this blog.

The Parenting Passageway is where I go for inspired writing on Waldorf. Carrie deals with everything from being the queen of one's castle and going forth in a confident manner among your own family, to ages and stages in child development. This is a thoughtful, intelligent, simply amazing collection of essays and discussions.

Syrendell is a celebration of all that is Waldorf artwork, music, handwork and lifestyle. This talented couple of artists, Jennifer and Rick, has work that will lead you to be more inspired in your own knitting, painting, felting and aromatherapy, to name a few.


  1. Thank you, so much! We appreciate you mentioning our blog. We love yours, too!

  2. Oh my, what lovely words you wrote about me, you are a jewel. love and light Marie

  3. Angela - you are so sweet! I am honored to be included in such fine company :) Thank you for the award and I hope to post about it this week.

    Hugs to you and hope your little furbaby is doing well :)


  4. Angela, I just now saw this! I took a short break from my computer... and am now catching up on reading your blog. Thanks so much, you are so sweet to include my little blog, you said such nice things about our family! I always enjoy reading your blog! You have such an inspiring family! Thanks again!

  5. Hello Angela,

    I'm behind many computer things, I just discovered that you gave me the Stylish Blog award. Thank you so much!

  6. I have to add one tiny comment, still. I'm the mother of 5, not 4 -- our children are almost the same ages!

  7. Now a last question, what do you need to do to accept it?

  8. Thank you for the kind remarks and your patience, sister writers!

    I have not done any writing whatsoever and I sincerely regret not following up on your appreciations, I have been slightly out of order...but I'll address that later!

    It means so much to me to see that you all responded. Keep living inspired lives and keep writing about them!


  9. Dear Eva,

    Huge apologies! I know you have five children, that's why, in part, I love to read your blog, to see what my own kids' counterparts are up to!

    To respond: take a bow, accept the award with your usual grace and tell us seven things about yourself on your blog. I can't wait to read it!


  10. Okay, after saying seven things about me, what happens then? Do I have to forward the award?

  11. Hi Eva,

    I can't wait to go and see what you said about yourself! This is the most delicious part of this award, for me.

    Next; you pick, I think it is 5-7 blogs to send the award on to. That's it!



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