Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our "Homeschool Closet" Gets a Makeover

A few photos of our closet dedicated to books and supplies useful to homeschooling. I have newly separated our chaos into a shelf per child. I love it. The pegboard, I can tell, is going to be an excellent medium for creativity.  Who knew? I found it in the "garage organization" section of our local hardwood store, along with all of these cool, cheap accessories. Arthur had requested one for his room after reading the Berenstein Bears book on messy rooms.

I realized the thing I'd been hanging my feather dusters on for 10 years in that closet had a whole lot more scope for imagination. Alienor has already begun decorating the wall space around her shelf. Such prospects from a tiny hall closet. Maybe I should have at that space under the kitchen sink next...maybe not.

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