Sunday, January 8, 2012

Knitting Toys/Pets

Thank you to my friend, Marlis, for the inspiration to knit toys again. It had been a long time, and I am hooked again on small, cute projects, like this one:  that I made for her, with joy! New Year's knitting resolutions: a crocheted blanket for my daughter (ha!) and more toys, knitted and maybe even crocheted. The first photo revealed a flaw in the beak that I snipped away for the next shot, felt is such forgiving stuff. We could take a page out of felt's attitude. It is durable, dependable, easy to work with and forgiving of faults.


  1. I, or should I say, WE, love Archimedes, the owl. The kids tried to steal him but I just beat them up and took that, which is rightfully mine, back. Well, I didn't beat them but we wrestled once I had caught them. Thanks so much for that adorable knitted owl. I will always treasure him.


    check this link out. I think Cate could do this! I will also take a picture of the completed blanket I made for Missy and a knitted one I made two decades ago and post them on my blog in the next few days.

  3. I am glad he has found a good home. P.S. I can just imagine the three of you racing around after each other. Maybe I'll come back next time as the fly on the wall I've so often wished I could be in all the right situations...or as an owl.

  4. Marlis,
    I am looking forward to the photos. Still crocheting, still getting lumpy squares, but I didn't expect perfection overnight. Well, maybe over 2 weeks, sigh. Love the crazy granny blankets.


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