Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mama Fitness: Weight Update

After 3 full weeks of my new regime, I have lost, hold onto your hats, taa-daa......................................................2.5lbs. It's enough to make one want to bang one's  head against something hard. However, last night I changed into a pair of pants I could not even button the last time I tried, and they fit! This is also a permanent lifestyle change for me; smaller portions, less meat, more fruits and vegetables, less worry and more action. It is not a magic pill to instantly transform my weight.

But...there is something about age that is just not fair. Had I followed this cleanse, diet and workout program in the past, I would have lost now. Am I despairing? Noooooo, well, just a little, but the pants were a great boost to my confidence that I am on the right path. Anyone else struggling with weight loss with the years or pregnancies or disability? Anyone find a good solution? Please share!

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