Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mama Fitness: You've already been pumping iron!

Moms: You've been pumping iron. Ever since the very first time you held your sweet baby in your arms. At an average weight of 8lbs.per newborn times 12 hours a day, that's a lot of effort. Well, it has always been my theory, and today I had the chance to prove it. Of course, before my own experiment, Dan Buettner, of Blue Zones, proved beyond a doubt that people live longer when engaged in natural movement; like fishing, gardening, carrying water. Carrying and rocking a baby...natural as anything.

As I wrote earlier, I've been attending a new class, and for the first few classes, I kept my weight low, as suggested by the instructor, in order to get used to the class without injury. Besides the squats, nothing hurt, burned or challenged me, and nothing was stiff or sore the next day (excepting for the traitorous quadriceps). The rule of thumb for exercise is that you should not be in pain while doing it, but should maybe feel a little something the next day or so. Nada the next day.

So, I added more weight today; doubled some, added a third more for others...and got through it just fine. I did not keel over or pass out or drop a dumbbell.  Mothers truly are strengthening their bodies for the task at hand and beyond when we give birth and carry those babies around.

You may look or feel out of shape (I do), but don't you believe it for a minute; you are stronger for having children, and in more ways than one. Believe, because you can do more than you think you can, you already have.

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