Thursday, July 17, 2014

Germany: Heidelberg

Here is the town that somewhat drew a line through my previous musings on architecture and national character. Of course, Mannheim was largely bombed and rebuilt, whereas Heidelberg retains much of its original 16th-19th century construction. It is cute, and full of tourists, consequently. First, there is a castle;
a big, fortified castle, with sections that are still being rebuilt after bombings and disasters, I think. I can't read German and signs were not ever written in anything but German. But it is pretty, all over.

At Heidelberg Castle:

On the way up or down from the castle:

Down in the streets of the town of Heidelberg:

View from our nice, dry cafe at lunchtime during a punishing downpour: (the suit of armor is for the boys)

View from the castle:

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