Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Happenings in France

My little guy turned 7 days before we left. We decided celebrating in the US and in France would be the way to go. (This is mostly because the cakes here are so very delicious that it would be a shame to miss an occasion to have a French birthday cake by mere days.)

Gaël with his chocolate (layers of chocolate mousse and cake) cake:

Next up was Duncan; sixteen years old and grown to practically man-size! We spent our perfect three days at the beach the weekend of his birthday, and he got to inhale sea air upon waking and swim in the waves before going back home on his birthday.

Of course there was cake; two sorts!

 It was also Father's Day, so the foie gras was "de rigeur" too.

Happy Birthday to my two sweet boys! 


  1. Happy birthday! My youngest is 6 now, hard to believe and my oldest turned 16 in January. Is Duncan your oldest? Mine does not look like a full grown man, though. I still see more the boy in him :).

  2. Love the pie. Not the cruel fois gras :(


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