Thursday, July 17, 2014

Knitting and France

 If you stumbled upon this earlier; sorry! I was trying to write a little tribute to the following book:
French Girl Knits Accessories: Modern Designs for a Beautiful Life by Griffin-Grimes, Kristeen, from my Kindle, which I clearly lack the skills to use.

This is a beautiful book. The author has such a love for France
and the ways of her people, that I fell in love with the extracts from it and had to have it. I wanted to knit something "French" while I was here. I've chosen 2 projects, starting now on number one; "la Morgaine", a hooded cowl. I found the yarn in Germany, on a rainy day with a lot of time to spare in a yarn store. I had planned to first knit "la Gitaine", a lacy shrug, but I have yet to find the yarn I need for it.

Other knitting projects the past month and a half:

Gaël's beanie, aka; airplane knitting:

Hotel room floor blocking with straight pins lace: (car knitting, no kids, and it will have to be re-blocked)

And, most frequently, but apparently with an almost absolute amnesia of photography, a series of "girlfriend market bags" for my French friends who have to make sure they always have a bag on them. Supermarkets no longer give out bags and even downtown merchants have stopped. I had to stick a $9 bottle of nail polish remover (yes, 6 Euros) in a pocket of my purse and hold it nice and upright until I got home one day. The first one was beige with a bright blue stripe and handle, the second beige and bright red, and this, the third, was for my sister-in-law in her fave colors. It is such an easy knit to have in your bag and work on anywhere.

For photos of the pretty projects and an extract from French Girl Knits Accessories, click here:

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