Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Day Off? Letter-Writing, The Blood-Red Moon

I woke up this morning and thought that maybe we needed a day off. I sat down with my tea to contemplate what that would look like, and opened up the MCC *(Mennonite Central Committee) review we receive. I read about a day in the life of Congolese refugee children and their mother in a camp where they have lived since 2009. I realized that every single day of my life IS a day off. It is all about perspective.

Refreshed and ready then, I thought I would share our "back-to-letter-writing-campagn,"
which had been reduced to a tiny trickle of thank-you notes and the occasional post-card to grand-parents. I felt it was time to up our quota of letters. How do we get it done? Calmly and slowly. The letter may be the only thing we do in a morning, but it is an art form, as well as handwriting practice and a chance to learn how to construct that eternal language arts requirement of "letter formatting." The fun part? Grand-parents write back! The thrill yesterday when the kids each received their own card in the mail from my parents was very nice. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Gael does not like to write much yet, but he will draw for hours! He insisted on learning to sign his name in cursive too. He enjoys it more than printing, so he is learning cursive now.

Next, Charles, who worked on his cursive a bit last year in a workbook, but this year asked me for a chart of all the letters so he could see them all. I made a quick one on a large sheet of newsprint, thinking I would redo it later on something nicer, better, but I think he got the point. This is his first letter in cursive, for the French grand-parents:

Astronomy update: photos of the telescope set-up, the moon and the star-gazers on the day of the lunar eclipse and red moon.

*For more info on the needs of families fleeing war in the Middle East or Africa, you can click here:

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