Friday, October 2, 2015

Signs Not to Ignore

Sometimes I know that the task set before me may not be easy, but I feel the utter necessity of following through if my kids are going to grow up to be anything more than dissatisfied adults with unfulfilled lives full of tv, bad food and lite beer.
We WILL get through this writing/story/French/math/______ today, this week, this month! We are working on stories from India now, what, you hate stories in archaic English that take a minute to understand? So what? Life is tough.

When my neck twinges on one side, I ignore it. Ten minutes later, halfway through lifting my mug of tea to my face, the other side twinges, harder. Dang, too much weight during the workout this morning. I know the signs by now of a pending disaster, I'll be careful for a couple of days; more water, heat, ice, rest.

With children, it can be harder.

It can work for awhile, the obedience and grindstone approach, but you have to open up your eyes to the moment when changing direction would mean greater efficiency, better learning...and more fun. This is homeschooling; you get to have fun. Exercise is meant to improve your health, not wreck it. Education is the same; starting it right can make you want to stay curious your whole life. 

Learning outside of school gives you options that you can't get with a big group of students. I have to remember, sometimes, to use them to my advantage. Diversifying is OK. Going to the hardware store and the thrift store during "school hours" is not a waste of time, it is an adventure and a chance to learn how to budget and create something out of not much. Besides...the Latin CD can be playing in the car on the drive.

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