Thursday, October 22, 2015

Country Roads

This is an annual event; huge chili dinner at grama and grampa's, we all feast like the recently starved, and then go walk it off at the pumpkin patch. The same pumpkin patch. Every year.

There are hayrides, a haunted house and big bouncy things to jump in. There is a tractor that every single grandchild has climbed and played on. And then, this is rural Wisconsin, with landscapes of woods and fields in soft, rolling hills. In the pumpkin barn, we choose the family pumpkin, after much debate. 

Then we go back home for dessert and coffee. The weather this year was perfect, except for those with big bad colds that had to stay home and those with ailing parents who had to help them at home; we missed you! Kids in college, etc. too!

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  1. Looks like fun! We had our first snow last weekend. We will have the American grandparents come today. This is also a sort-of fall tradition here.


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