Friday, March 30, 2018

I Have Knitted: (Pattern Links)

Booties, in my series of "future grandmother knits". Nothing in view! But I have five kids and I am a slow knitter, nothing like planning ahead. (free pattern at link) Send me a message on Ravelry, if you knit too! I am: deartricot.

Sweet Bon-Bon baby blanket for sweet baby girl (free pattern at link)

Hospital Knitting: whatever Gael picked; he chose the zombie (really not auspicious, to my way of thinking, but it was his call), so I knit the zombie, and the dirt grave to go with it. Talk about giving way to one's darker impulses.

The owl born of a skein of yarn that "looked like an owl" (free pattern at link)

The monster, like the zombie, from:
Highlander Cowl for silent auction (no pattern; just K2, P1 in big ol' yarn and needles).

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