Friday, July 13, 2018

How About NOT Shopping (Intersperesed with Fun Photos)

I set out to run a few errands yesterday and today; partial success, and too hot to trot. Dang, it is warm, even at 10am, and to my irritation, most shops are not air-conditioned downtown. Since part of our errands included finding swimsuits for two girls, it was an endless succession of shops, waits and no swimsuits to speak of.

How about a shot of the ocean instead? There was an emergency and everyone had to clear out of the water for two hours, looks the way I like it; no people, no boards, no boogers:

Here is how it goes; sales start on July 1, maybe 10-30% off. On July 8, the second set of sales begins, 30-60% off. By the 10th, there is not much left. I shoudda known better. 

As for the "supermarket" (think big stores that sell food and everything else), there will be a line, always, and if you are dim-witted enough to not look up and understand that the "CB" sign means that the only payment accepted in this line is a French debit card, too bad for you, you get to stand in line all over again for the cashier who wants your cash.

Here are the flamenco singers from the other night:

You wanted to buy a fan because it's so hot no one is sleeping? You saw they were on sale at one store? Ha! Sucker! Of course those sold out like two hours after the ad went up. Sigh, but as I am leaving the store, the lady who originally told me there were none left comes to the rescue; "Excusez-moi, madame! I found one! The only one we have, it's back in aisle 15, and it's 65 Euros." "Um, thank you anyway. I was interested in the other ones." New store, new search, victory. But they must be hidden, because someone in the house, or half the population of the country, at least, scratch that, more like 90%, believes that a draft can maim, kill or at the very least give you strep throat. Must. Hide. New. Fans.

And the dancer; check out the video from a few days ago if you haven't, it is hard to take good photos with 300 or more other people crowded in, all trying to do the same thing:

Ah well, today's expedition ended in locating the yarn shop and then a cold soda (I know, how American of me; I did NOT drink coffee today!) at the cafe. It really is lovely to have even a soda here; served in an old-fashioned soda glass, bottle next to it, opened by the garcon/owner with a bottle opener. My French guy and me at the flamenco festival:

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