Monday, July 9, 2018

The Atlantic and its Follies

Saturday, we rediscovered salt water, sand and waves; there are no words, really, but here are a few photos. Bliss (see? I did find a word!) Les Landes, France, miles of Atlantic beaches and pine forest.

These are from my phone, and I have yet to figure out just the right way to transfer them to my blog; they were so crisp and beautiful on the phone's screen.

The latest contraptions on the beach this year; self-blow-up-with-the-wind cushions. You just hold it up and let the wind inflate wind means you either run around like a fool or forget it. Cate, relaxing in one, while her cousin, Remy, who is always with her, comes up for air...his chair was out of it, and, in his own words; "Life is just too hard."

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