Friday, July 6, 2018

Post-Dejeuner (Lunch)

 15 hundred hours...or 3pm, and I am just finishing up the dishes from lunch. It's been raining off and on all day, all night too, so outside fun will mean lots of mud. I am having a little work time (glossary updates, a look at my book that I put on hold, answering an email or two.) The view from my bedroom window; that's the tool/potting shed my father-in-law built, a very Peter Rabbit type of place, n'est-ce-pas?

 As soon as I finished the dishes, my mother-in-law got busy with dinner preparations.

The kids play board games with Papy, making him more or less completely nuts:
Thierry works (somehow) from the office at the top of the stairs, open to kids and noise:
And Cate is hiding in the bedroom, studying for the LSAT and consolidating refugee research. I do not dare take HER picture just now.

This morning was spent going to market, stopping for an espresso at the cafe the family likes, as opposed to the cafe the family does not like, new owners, too rude. By the time we left, half the town had piled up around us on every chair the cafe had available; one man left, graciously, but all the same (!) after we "borrowed" first one chair, then his extra table, then all of the chairs around him to seat our impromptu "guests". We bought a few groceries, a few loaves of French bread, and got soaked on the way to the car by a downpour. Lunch was made; delicious! duck and fried tomatoes with onions, salad, cheese and coffee. I am used to life here again.

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