Monday, October 11, 2010

Knitting: Fingerless Gloves for my Biker Dude

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  1. Dear Angela,
    My name is Esperana Mekelno. I am a sixty-three year old Italian who lives in Venice,Italy. I homeschooled my nine children and so the other day I was looking for homeschooling material for my daughter who would like to homeschool her three children, when I came across your blog. As a retired woman I read your whole blog. I was instantly drawn into the enchanting vortex of your life. Keep writing my dear!


  2. Signora Mekelno,

    You just made my day perfect, thank you for writing! The whole blog? I am honored, flattered and grateful for the encouragement you offered as well.

    You homeschooled nine children? Were you in Italy during the whole time? Venice? And is your daughter in Venice as well? Is homeschooling as rare in Italy as it is in France?

    If ever there was a perfect urban environment for children, Venice is it. Beauty, culture, history, architecture, nature,boating...and no cars! I love Venice. Lucky kids.

    Grazie mille,



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