Monday, October 11, 2010

Knitting, Finishing Up UFOs

For the uninitiated, UFO stands for Unfinished Objects in the world of knitting and probably other crafts. I have decided to get to work on the two or three or four of these lying around waiting for me. Here is the latest; fingerless gloves for my biker dude. I began these in France as a way to test this extra soft merino from Phildar to see if it would work for a sweater. Too soft, too light-weight, but great for gloves. I edged them with the yarn I found that will be wonderful for the sweater; Blue Sky Alpaca's Suri Merino, to give them more strength where there will be the most wear and tear. I love this yarn, can't wait to start the sweater!

Here he is geared up for his daily bike ride to work in the dark, even with the helmet, I think he's handsome.


  1. I can not spot the picture, but they and your man sounds cool, cheers Marie

  2. Loved seeing the photos. You have been busy finishing projects!!!

  3. Yes, I was just feeling all caught up, but then I saw how much sock yarn I have stored up in the past months and thought I'd either better stop buying yarn or stop starting new projects...some resolutions are meant to dissolve under pressure.


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