Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not my Best Portrait Ever: Jasper with Collar Cozy by Lily

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  1. CONGRATS!!!!! HE'S ADORABLE and so thrilled to hear you saved his life by getting him from a shelter (((hugs))). You also bought another dog there more time at the shelter so that should make you feel even better than you already do (I can hear the excitement and adoration in your voice)! Congrats Angela and hope to see more pictures of your furbaby!

  2. Thank you both! A shelter was a given, I always meant to adopt children, at least I've managed a dog adoption!

    He does seem rather pleased not to be pent up in that kennel anymore, and he's much cuter lying on the rug at my feet than barking hysterically in a cage anyway, good puppy.

  3. Dear Angela,

    I adore the collar!



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