Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cloth for Buns in France

I just read the great news that cloth diapering is gaining popularity in France these days. The good news came from this blog: 

When my first two children were born, I was interested in cloth diapering as a way to leave less of a carbon footprint on the planet, save money and as a nicer, more natural way of baby care. There was nowhere to turn, no diapering service, no cloth diapers for sale, no one I knew used them. I moved to the US while expecting my next baby and before she was two months old, she was 100% cloth diapered. I have used that same set of diapers for three children, (they are Motherease one-size diapers, good from birth to two years, here is the website: I just passed most of them on to a new mother to use. What a great investment, what a great comfort measure, compared to the non-stop redness and soreness of disposable-clad bottoms! I even traveled to France with that set of diapers twice,
and only this past trip consented to bring disposables because I did not know if I would have access to a washing machine on an every day basis and was only using diapers at night.

Pros of cloth diapering: they can be changed as often as you wish, in case of rash, because you are merely going to throw them in the machine, not throw them away and buy more. They are softer, cushier, cuter. Covers come in all colors, patterns and materials nowadays. The one thing you could possibly HAVE to get to the store to buy, no matter the weather, no matter illness, used to be diapers,.With that burden lifted, I felt suddenly free. Free from spending any more money on this little bottom, free from depending on a store's hours and stock (this is especially true in other countries where there is no 24-hour grocery to fall back on), free to hang my diapers on the line if I wanted to, thus saving the environment a little bit more. 

If you are in France and interested in cloth diapering, here is a link to more info: If you already use them, bravo, nice going, and tell a friend!


  1. Thanks for the link. I'm very interested in reading more on your blog.

  2. If we both hadn't been working full-time and my hubby more committed to helping with diapering (cleaning), we'd have gone cloth.

    I still would have liked using cloth. However, whatever deity watches over stressed out mamas watched out for me... we struggled with my son's eczema all over his body... except for his little bum. He never once had diaper rash and his bum was the only place never to have eczema.

    However, if we had another baby, I'd go cloth.

  3. Hi!

    Your cousin Meg sent me your blog... I think you and I met ages ago in h.s. Anyway, I completely agree about cloth diapering. Our 2.8 year old is completely potty trained (well not overnight) and the cloth diapers were a dream. We inherited them from my sister-in-law and who used them through two kids and now we are ready to pass them on as well. Ours were Bummis, and I can attest that they are great. Totally worth the investment.

    I bow to homeschoolers... I daydream about being the kind of parents who could be home with her kids all day... but I don't think that would be me.

    Nice blog.


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