Friday, January 21, 2011

Mother-ease Cloth Diaper Cover Givaway!!!

I am excited and over-joyed and, and...soooo pleased to announce this blog's first-ever givaway, a chance to improve one baby's comfort and give the environment a little extra boost. Mother-ease Cloth Diapers, is offering readers of A Homeschool Story a chance to win a free diaper cover. Since these are the only cloth diapers I have ever used, I am quite partial to Mother-ease. They are the only ones I have ever used because they are the only set of diapers I ever needed. Frugality played an important role in my decision to use cloth. Convenience played the next biggest role. Mother-ease promised a one-size, 0-2 -years diaper and they delivered. They attach with snaps; nice, solid, no-scratch, no-rip snaps. Snaps do not snag on other family members' stockings or favorite sweater, ever, they are way easier than the pins I was expecting to have to use with non-disposables. Mother-ease are sturdy and bleach out pure white when hung in the sun. Since cover and diaper are separate, they dry quickly and the covers do not wear out because they do not need to be washed each change. You can even rinse them out quickly by hand and hang them to dry in a convenient spot. I am not a "housekeeper", ask my mother or my grandmother-in-law. I still can say, that, really and truly, cloth diapering is not a hardship, not difficult, not a big deal, just another load of laundry, no more, no less.

I purchased one set of 24 when my third baby was two months old, and besides the few Toddler-ease I bought for night time for my three, four and five-year-olds,  that has constituted our entire cloth diaper collection these past nine years. I do buy fresh covers as little bottoms grow larger, so I know that this is a givaway that will benefit just about anyone who uses cloth, or is thinking of using cloth, because whether you have prefolds or fancy duds, a new cover is always welcome. No more babies at home? Sign up to win one for a grandchild, niece or nephew! Just leave a comment on this post to enter, make sure your email address or website is indicated so that I can contact the winner. I monitor all comments, so I will keep your email address to myself, it will not be published if you send it in your comment. The winner will be drawn by the  time-tested French method of the youngest child sitting under the table pointing to the piece of cake for the next person...or maybe the good old American method of the drawing a name from a hat. Bonne chance!

Here is a link to the air-flow cover that will be given away:


  1. Congratulations on your first give-away! Don't sign me up because I certainly don't need them :) I am done having babies!

  2. What a great give-away. I could definatly use a diaper cover! Off to read more....

  3. That's awesome, Angela! Congrats!We have plenty of covers so don't sign me up either. I just wanted to chime in that I have used Mother-Ease diapers on all 4 of my babies and love them, too!

  4. Oh! What a great giveaway to have as your first!! Please enter me... We are a cloth-bottom-baby family, and I've never tried mother-ease. Our current covers are getting a bit worn and I'm trying to decide if I should buy more of the same (proraps) or try out new brands...
    Thanks so much for the chance!

  5. Hello Angela! These covers look adorable :) Thanks for LMK about your giveaway and yes, I would love to enter. My sil is having her first baby next month and DH and I might try for one more munchkin (still in discussions) so either way, this would find a useful and appreciative home!

    Merci, mon ami!

  6. Not sure when your giveaway ends but there are always many mommies than need especially here in DR.. what a wonderful gift, it's a shame you just missed my giveaway.

  7. Hot dog! We were gifted a mountain of disposables with our first and never thought about CD, but now I'm conceptually sold. Just have to decide on what to use...


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