Monday, January 3, 2011

West O' the Sun, East O' the Moon

The sun and the moon light a path between them in the predawn hours, a path that leads straight to Venus, shining in the white winter sky. The title of the old tale and a favorite children's book mocks me as I struggle to remember if it is the opposite or the same as the vision before me in the sky. I am in the "sweet spot of the universe" as some clod in California dared to call his corner of the world. I'm sure the coast is very nice, I really miss the ocean myself most of the time, but this is it, this is where I am, where my family is and where I am blissfully jumping on the trampoline Santa so kindly left us under the early morning sky in 18 degree weather.

The kids have been very happy munchkins. Not only has Daddy been home from work for a Christmas break, but they have been free to run outside all day, have been indulging in way more screen time than Mama allows when she is in charge and their friends who go to school have also been free to play. Guitars and pianos have been played all day, piles of library books have been read, veritable Lego architectural sculptures have been built and the new trampoline has been used in literally all weather. The sick ones have been taking turns trying to stay in bed and drink tea, the others helping out with cleaning and cooking with a minimum of grumbling and jumping some more on the trampoline.

Lily has been pounding away on her typewriter, working on her book or playing Christmas tunes on the piano. Aragorn has gone snowboarding with a friend, played with his brothers for hours and learned a few new tunes on the guitar. Alienor has had play dates with her best buddy between being sick and celebrating holidays. She has knitted little gifts for everyone and listened to hours of books on CD. Arthur has been spending half his time at the neighbor's house with his friend and the other half either complaining of boredom or building with Legos. Puck has been all over at the same time, helping in the kitchen, running outside, "cooking" in his own little kitchen, delighting us with pretend shish-kebabs and wooden ice-cream cones.

Where is your own favorite place to be? It's fine with me if it is California or anywhere so enviable. For me, it is right here, where the heart and family find themselves.


  1. Oh so lovely a post!
    My favorite place is wherever my family happens to be. I love being at home with my children. The place I love most though, is closed for the winter. We have a lovely and large screened-in porch, a big deck, a patio, and a garden and I love being there during the warmer months of the year. Right now, the kids are painting and I did too for a while. Bear is enjoing the process, Sissy not so much. She isn't artistic except with detailed pencil drawings and having to paint can literally scare her to tears :( Bear on the other hand accepts himself for all his perceived imperfections or perfections and just has fun in the moment. But this is it, my favorite spot. Right here. Right now. With my kids.

  2. Beautiful.

    I'm with you, my favorite place to be is where everyone I love is... so occasionally my heart drifts south to florida where my mom is, but not for the weather (though I wouldn't mind a visit right now!) For the most part though, my heart is here!


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