Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Empty Spaces

I close my eyes and see and hear: skyscrapers, building fronts, the train screeching high above, the rushing river below, honks, the whoosh of traffic, big signs stating "beware of falling ice", hollered cell-phone conversations, beautifully dressed women, dapper men, the murmur of 3 million people moving, chatting, all going somewhere now, here.

I can see and hear this with such clarity because this is not my world. This is a rare treat, a field trip out of my every day life. The quiet space surrounding these infrequent trips to the big city is what defines them so precisely in retrospect. This stands out; the twilight of underground parking garages, the majesty of the buildings housing museums, the dirt of the streets, the underground glow of beluga's bodies in aquarium pools, the brilliant blue of the sky above the buildings, the mist on the frozen Lake Superior. 

My own quiet space may seem like mayhem to some, to those very people who inhabit the great towers, each in their own private, quiet place of respite when they close the door.

What defines your world, your peaceful place, your chaos...?


  1. How lovely to be back in contact. It took me a while. Starting homeschooling was like having my first week with my first newborn!! Couldn't fit a shower in before the evening and was still in Pjs at lunchtime :) Gentle rhythm happening now and I can't believe how much I really love love love it!!
    I too live out in the country side, after nearly 10 years in Paris and 1 year in Sydney before. Next week we are all going into Toulouse.. We will think of you

  2. This evening I listen to the crickets chorus, the wild dogs in the meadows, the frogs croaking... the night is still not a breath of wind. The windows let in a slight chill - away from the hustle bustle of the city life, the noisy air conditioners, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, garbage trucks.

    Our farm is our haven.

    Lovely to find your blog, I love the rainbow wool, how pretty.


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