Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back, Very Carefully

List of blessings:
1) New computer; cute little keyboard and screen
2) Husband who knows how to install and trouble-shoot new computer

List of woes:
 1) New computer; I need to get to get used to the size of this really cute, really little keyboard with too many features for simple little me. Keeps erasing what I just wrote. It's taken me an hour to write this.
2) Husband, knows everything, can help with everything, insists on commenting on everything.


  1. Welcome back mon amie! I've missed your posts.

    Hint. Attach old keyboard to new PC :) I am typing this on oour laptop and I hate detest abhorr the laptop keyboard. Solution... attach keyboard.

  2. Merci mein freundin.

    That was a good idea! I did find a solution that allows me to bring my little computer anywhere; I turned off the blasted click buttons on the bottom. This has one advantage; I no longer erase or move everything I write. One disadvantage too; no click control for important things like italics in my text. Making do with old mouse for now, may get a mini-mouse to go with mini-notebook.

  3. We have a cordless mouse each for our lap top and PC. Love those things. Yes they eat batteries every (about 1 AA every 2 months or so) but it's not too bad. Love the absence of cords.


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