Monday, February 7, 2011

Heading into Quiet Contemplation

But not entirely by choice.

The computer that has stood by me faithfully these past two years, gently used and well-loved, is quickly fading into darkness.

I will miss it, but I will miss writing more. The next couple of weeks may or may not see me equipped to continue writing, sniff, but perhaps it is time to stand back and meditate quietly on life for awhile (I'll keep reminding myself of this as I suffer radio silence from an easily accessible online world.)

Farewell until then...or perhaps not. I do not know what each new day will bring, only that it is harder and harder to make anything happen on this trusty old machine.

Posting fast...while I still can!


  1. good luck, hope to read more posts soon :)

  2. Oh, Angela, I hope you'll find a replacement. I will miss your posts, but sometimes it's good to take a break.

  3. Thank you to all who have sent messages of loving support. This is my first attempt to write with an I-pod, funny how it auto-corrects my punctuation to spell it's own name wrong...artificial intelligence, huh?

  4. Hi, my name is Yolanda (Yollie. I live in South Australia and I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I especially like seeing all the snow, when we are currently battling multiple heat-waves. I hope you are up and running again soon, but enjoy your time of reflection while you can:) Cheers, Yollie


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